We Believe In The Power Of Nature

Moss'd Up Seamoss Is a Superfood Algae That Comes From The Carribbean Ocean Containing Over 92 Essential Minerals 

What Am I ?

How Do You Consume Me?

How long do I Last ?

if nature didn't make it , why would you take it

“wildcrafted” which means that we harvest it from its natural “wild” habitat in unpolluted waters without the use of any type of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Bodybuilders get so obsessed with size that they often forget how critical shape is. Muscles recovery is vital for me l, this product has been a game changer.

The Big Hulk

It has completely helped with my hot flashes , and memory fogginess


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"Great product! Increased energy, will purchase again.


Message From Our Founder

After waking up in a new city in the hosptial hit by a car I was in severe pain.My body went into distress,skin broke out weight gain set in.Mossd Up was created when crumbs and fragments of my heart were scattered across every inch of that hospital floor"I thought I was defeated"

I don't know exactly where you are on this journey, but I know that if you're brave enough to do something different, something better can happen to you. The beautiful thing about "Health" is that you gain the chance to say"hello" to new beginnings each and everyday. And we can all benefit from a fresh start if we adopt this new perspective of letting go to begin again.